We are all one

“The world is suffering from a huge spiritual crisis, we believe that the arts contribute effectively to mankind’s deepest aspirations as it is a reflection of the soul of humanity”

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who are the traditional custodians of the land we stand on today. We pay our respects to their elders past and present and to all indigenous cultures in the world. Aboriginal and indigenous culture has existed on the earth for over 40, 000 years. We acknowledge their struggle for rights to their spiritual lands and for the survival of their wisdom. With sincere and deep gratitude to our masters who remain in us as a deep conscious breath.

A little more About us

We believe that one of the most effective ways of social change comes through the arts as Art connects, transforms, unites, educates, empowers and heals


Sandra Morales

Sandra has been dancing and performing since early childhood, her strong passion for discovering and promoting traditional dances has led her to combine many styles of dance with live music and spiritual practices such us Yoga, Latiham, Tai Chi, Kalari in a class called Heartdance yoga. In 2014 she went to the sacred mountains of the Himalayas to further continue with her yoga and ancient wisdom studies, undertaking an advanced 500 hours yoga teacher training and sound healing course.
 Sandra has worked in a wide range of charitable projects in Australia and South America over the last 8 years. Previous to that, Sandra worked as an Administration & Finance Manager, managing projects for a multi national corporation across Australia, Singapore Chile and Colombia.

Pato Lara

Pato is a musician, songwriter, producer and sound engineer born in Australia to Chilean parents. 
In 2012 after a year in Chile, recording and producing his first musical project, he released his first album called “Travesia” (Journey). 
2014 began to record and produce his second album named “Raices” (Roots). As part of his international carrier, Pato has been featured at some of the most renowned music venues/festivals across Chile, Australia, Mexico and Indonesia. 
In 2013, Pato produced his first video clip from his single “Enamorado de la Vida” (In-loved with Life). 
Pato received the Viva Fiesta Award by Darling Harbour – Fiesta, Sydney in January 2014, in recognition of his contribution to multicultural arts and long standing artistic contribution to the community.

Tamara Oyarce

Born in Chile and raised in Japan, Tamara developed a passion and interest for languages, learning, travel and ways to merge and connect cultures. Tamara has lived, worked and studied in Chile, Australia and China. The vision that the corporate and spiritual worlds could come together using yoga as an avenue inspired Tamara to become a yoga teacher in Australia also studying healing with hands and participating in women empowerment groups, the Future Sound of Yoga, among others. She has been involved in different pro bono and charitable projects in Chile and Australia. Professionally Tamara is a lawyer specialized in Chinese Law and International Business, with a Masters Degree from the University of Sydney Business School where she is also a Tutor Lecturer.

Felicity Hale

Felicity has a passion for yoga, art, music, meditation, spirituality, cooking and food. Felicity is a Sydneysider who has lived, worked and studied in Hong Kong, England, Spain, Ecuador and Denmark. Felicity strongly believes in the healing power of music and art. Felicity has a regular yoga and meditation practice, loves to play the guitar and is looking forward to mastering the shamanic flute and learning the art of sound healing. Felicity studied International Development Studies and Law at the University of New South Wales. She is a lawyer by profession and has worked for a variety of community and socially minded organisations in Australia and overseas. She has a passion and drive to help the community and those in need.

Binowee Bayles

Binowee Bayles is a proud Aboriginal woman born on Gadigal land in Redfern, Sydney. A descendant of the Wonnarua and Bundjalung Nations of NSW and the Birri Gubba and Kungalu Nations of QLD. Binowee has been sharing her culture and performing traditional songs and dances from the age of 6, traveling  around Australia and internationally whilst maintaining strong cultural ties to the many Aboriginal Communities she is connected to. in 2010 she was the Indigenous Australian Representative for the United Nations Assembly on Climate Change in the Phillipines and worked as an Aboriginal Programming Manager at Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.