Main Stage
11:40am – 12:00pm


The name “BLT” is the result of the beginning initial of each of our names, Bill, Tony, Liam, Lennon and Bryan. It’s a great sandwich as well. We first formed BLT group when we retired; we were just a few mates who liked music. We very quickly realised that there were also a lot of young people who shared the same passion as the BLT’s but lacked knowledge when it came to playing as groups and on stage. Our group provided a space for these people so they could learn from each other become comfortable in an open stage environment. It has been an amazing experience watching other groups form, grow and learn from each other. Our band has over 300 songs that we play plus many of our own originals. We’ve played shows in pubs, clubs, and festivals and look forward to playing at the Uptown Festival in October.