Main Stage
12:25pm – 1:05pm


Jamestown Collective brings you the infectious sounds and visual vibrancy of Jamestown! Imagine what’s possible as the Jamestown Collective transforms everyday objects and incorporates them into an explosive performance of percussion, acrobatics and dance, inspired by everyday life in Africa. Jamestown is a vibrant and engaging dance and percussion show that uses a purpose built set and instruments made of found and recycled materials. Jamestown brings together a group of accomplished acrobats, dancers and musicians known as the Jamestown Collective, who together use instruments, their bodies, the set and the audience to generate an explosion of percussion, rhythm and dance.

Jamestown is an original work and concept developed by Lucky Lartey, dancer and choreographer, in collaboration with the Jamestown Collective. The inspiration for Jamestown originates from the sights and sounds of Accra, Ghana, West Africa, where daily life is filled with vibrant music, rhythm and dance.