pop up tent
10:30am – 11:00am


On a recent sojourn to our shores, the renowned doctor and social researcher Ebenezer Pontwillier encountered the ukulele class at the Pyrmont Community Centre and wrote:

“Of course, it is entirely possible, as some outsiders contend, that the mesmerising charm of this soulful, compact, four-stringed instrument, and joyful euphoria that consumes the participant when they attend such a gathering of like-minded enthusiasts, indeed induces a state of hypnotic delirium, vastly exaggerating one’s sense of self-importance, perception of abilities, and regard for over-all awe-inspiring properties – a troubling condition that ought to alarm serious people everywhere and sound a warning to the responsibly solemn. However, having attended just one of these sessions, it is my considered, professional opinion that The Pyrmont Ukulele Club is, in fact, the talisman of cultural enrichment in Sydney”.