kids tent
11:30am – 12:30pm


Rachel Shields , is a descendant of the Weilwan and Gamilaroi peoples of North Western New South Wales. Through her mothers line she is a descendant of the First Peoples of the land known as Australia. She acknowledge all elements within her and pay respect to all her ancestors and to the ancestors of all people who walk the Earth today.

She shares here as a human being, a woman who is recognised as an educator, mentor, advocate & advisor, writer, storyteller, musician, artist, communicator and well being facilitator. Her aim is to respectfully contribute to social change in an inclusive manner. She draws upon her experience and connection to nature and her cultural heritage in a practical way that she feels is relevant and useful to our lives today.

Workshop Description:

  • How the Dreaming began – Story Telling

The workshop will begin by sharing the story of how the Dreaming began. Children will hear of how each animal was given a dreaming story and how man was given responsibility to look after the Dreaming of all things.

  • Song – Nayawa or another song

Children will be taught a song in a local language; the song will be about caring for the earth and caring for one another. The children will play clapstix while learning and singing.

  • Shaping the Earth – Nature based activity (hands on the Earth)

Create an animal from “How the Dreaming began” with clay and sticks, seeds, leaves from and other materials from nature…

The children will keep what they make and will become the care taker of that animals dreaming. Beginning or continuing their responsibility as a custodian and care taker of the earth and all living things.