what is, Heartdancers?

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We are a charity organisation based in Sydney that advances cultural diversity in the arts (music, dance, story telling and visual arts) to influence change, social cohesion, increase health, wellbeing, education and learning outcomes. Also provides employment and engagement opportunities to First Nation, refugee and CALD artists.

The healing and creative power of the arts has an unspeakable power to transform the lives of individuals and communities. Heartdancers utilises this power to help those in the community who are most in need. We currently provide culturally diverse music, dance, visual arts workshops and performances to refugees and asylum seekers, children with special needs, senior citizens suffering Alzheimer’s and Dementia, childcares, festivals and corporate.

Heartdancers charity was founded as a result of a project undertaken in 2010 at Villawood Immigration Detention Centre, where music, dance, yoga and meditation were used as an effective bridge for asylum seekers to connect with their creativity, spirituality and life purpose.

Through a recent collaboration with First Nation artists, we are running unique workshops and performances where sacred aboriginal songs, dance, stories and traditional world music are united. Through these workshops and performances we are committed to open a space for aboriginal music, dance and story telling to be recognised and preserved.

On the other hand, and through a partnership with settlement services international (SSI) arts & culture program, we are fostering the participation of artists from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds in the Sydney arts scene, providing those artists, along with First Nation and CALD artists, with an opportunity to professionally showcase their talents to the wider community and to bring the healing power of the arts to disadvantaged communities.

The ultimate objective of Heartdancers charity is creating an artistic and creative dialogue between First Nation artists and artists from refugee and migrant backgrounds. Through this dialogue, we are fostering community and cultural engagement, education, building community harmony and social cohesion and celebrating the richness of our cultural diversity.


Our Team

We believe in the power of the arts and the value of using the arts as an important bridge to personal and social transformation

Sandra Morales

Sandra is an Ambassador of Cultural Diversity in the Arts. A Culturally diverse arts manager, community engagement and cultural leader. Sandra has developed and managed a wide range of arts, culture and community programs and initiatives in Australia. She has designed employment opportunities and engagement program for First Nations Peoples, refugee and CALD artists. Sandra also has an extensive business management and project leadership experience, operating in multinational environments and cultures, across Australia, Singapore, Chile and Colombia. Sandra is a passionate yoga teacher and dancer.

Pato Lara

Pato is a musician, songwriter, producer and sound engineer born in Australia to Chilean parents. 
In 2012 after a year in Chile, recording and producing his first musical project, he released his first album called “Travesia” (Journey). 
2014 began to record and produce his second album named “Raices” (Roots). As part of his international carrier, Pato has been featured at some of the most renowned music venues/festivals across Chile, Australia, Mexico and Indonesia. 
In 2013, Pato produced his first video clip from his single “Enamorado de la Vida” (In-loved with Life). 
Pato received the Viva Fiesta Award by Darling Harbour – Fiesta, Sydney in January 2014, in recognition of his contribution to multicultural arts and long standing artistic contribution to the community.

Tamara Oyarce

Born in Chile and raised in Japan, Tamara developed a passion and interest for languages, learning, travel and ways to merge and connect cultures. Tamara has lived, worked and studied in Chile, Australia and China. The vision that the corporate and spiritual worlds could come together using yoga as an avenue inspired Tamara to become a yoga teacher in Australia also studying healing with hands and participating in women empowerment groups, the Future Sound of Yoga, among others. She has been involved in different pro bono and charitable projects in Chile and Australia. Professionally Tamara is a lawyer specialized in Chinese Law and International Business, with a Masters Degree from the University of Sydney Business School where she is also a Tutor Lecturer

Anita Kroess

Anita is an Australian Citizen who was born and raised in the Italian Alps and was speaking multiple languages from early childhood. Having lived and worked in Italy, Austria, Spain and now Australia, Anita has developed an appreciation and understanding for cultural diversity. In the 21 years of being in the workforce, she developed an extensive skill set and experience in management and supervisory roles in a range of international education and corporation environments. Anita is passionate about education, communication, the merging of the corporate and spiritual world and cultures. Anita possesses outstanding organisational, interpersonal and strategic planning skills, which allow her to deliver exceptionally high quality service within her professional and personal career