Youth Music education Programs

Literacy, social, numerical and auditory skills, incresing memory and coordination


“🎻 Imagine universal access to quality music education for every child in Australia possible”


With your help, we run extraordinary and high quality community-based educational programs that aims to transform the lives of local children through music. Children who are immersed in the richness of music can learn more than just rote skills, as the diligence required to pursue music excellence will go on to be applied to other areas of life.

Heartdancers and Harris Community Centre’s current vision is to create a music program that would enrich the lives of the children by providing affordable lessons and facilitating a nurturing learning environment.

As in any community-based program, it will rely on the cooperation of the families and neighbourhoods. Rather than solely imparting knowledge in one direction, this program will strive for a mutually beneficial relationship. It will see its teachers, mentors and performers also benefit greatly from the involvement of communities and the span of its audience.


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Symphony Seeds TERM 2 - 2022

Early childhood music education

for Infants 0-5 years

‘Music is the language of the heart’