Dance For Health and Wellbeing

Dancing has the power to transform the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.

At Heartdancers, we believe that everyone should have access to the wellspring of physical, mental, cognitive and social wellbeing benefits that dance has to offer.

We also understand that different people have different health and wellbeing needs. This is why our Rhythm is Life program is a fully customisable program that can be tailored to a wide range of physical, mental health, cognitive and social wellbeing goals. This includes people of all ages and levels of mobility, people living with physical and/or mental disabilities, people with movement restrictions and people living with mental health illnesses. Dance and movement therapy offers health and wellbeing benefits that everyone can enjoy.

The Health Benefits Of Dance

Dance is a multi-dimensional activity. Cognitively, it requires learning of complex motor sequences, procedural memory, attention, visual-motor integration, synchronization in space and time (rhythm movements), and emotional expression. It also involves social and affective dimensions. As a social activity, it can promote a sense of belonging and social inclusion.
There is fairly strong scientific evidence that dance-based programmes can be an effective therapeutic intervention for people suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Cancer and Dementia. Research has also shown that dance can increase psycho-motor skills, reduces risk of cardiovascular disease6, improve aerobic power, improve flexibility, improve balance and mobility, and prevent falls. Dance-based interventions have shown to have persistent long-term effects and, due to the fact that dance integrates physical, mental, cognitive and social wellbeing benefits, recent research now positions dance ahead of other physical activity in terms of its impact.

We partner with you to deliver dance therapy programs based on the outcomes most important to you

Our Rhythm Is Life program can be tailored to have a greater focus on certain goals, reflective of the participants specific needs. For example, if working with people living with dementia, then cognitive goals may become more relevant. In contrast, if working with people at high risk of falling and social isolation, then the physical and social goals may become more important. The program can be adapted to a variety of community settings, including aged care organisations, retirement villages, mental health clinics, community centres, in-home care and respite services.

Bring Rhythm Is Life to your Organisation or Local Community Centre

  • Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and your vision for engaging with our team of experienced dance facilitators. Together, we can create a program that is tailored to meet the health and wellbeing objectives of your organisation or community group. Interested in bringing Rhythm Is Life to your local community centre? We would love to hear from you also.
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We can tailor our Rhythm Is Life Program to the following Goals:

Customised Goals for Rhythm Is Life

Our Approach

Strengths-Based Approach

Rather than assuming that people and systems are fundamentally ‘broken’ and need to be fixed, our Rhythm Is Life program starts from an appreciative stance that there is something working, good or of value in any situation that can be revealed. Supporting and nurturing these existing strengths is inherently motivating and can ignite change. This approach is followed as part of tailoring the program for specific health and wellbeing goals.

Program Adaptability

Primarily a dance-based program, Rhythm Is Life draws on a combination of mind-body practices, such as dance, yoga, tai chi, and creative arts. Combined, these offer a wide range of tools to draw from, allowing for synergetic physical, mental and social wellbeing benefits. This makes the program robust in its adaptability to match the physical and mental abilities of the participants, and be respectful of their cultural background.

Leadership and Facilitators

Our Rhythm Is Life program is managed by a qualified dance movement therapist, trained dancer and yoga teacher. All session facilitators are trained dancers and receive specific training on how to deliver the program according to the Rhythm Is Life methodology and core principles. We select the best facilitators to deliver the program according to your needs and preferences.

Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity

Our facilitators come from diverse cultural backgrounds. This enables us to deliver the program to a wide variety of CALD communities, including Latin American, Chinese, Indian and African communities. It also enables the program to participants opportunities to learn and experience cultural and traditional dances from around the world, fostering social cohesion, inclusion, understanding and appreciations for each other's differences.