We are bringing the healing and creative power of music, dance, story telling and visual art to disadvantaged communities. We enable equitable access to music, dance and visual art and enrich social and economic capacity through the collaboration and engagement between artists specially those with aboriginal, migrant or refugee background, non-for profits, government and culturally diverse communities.

_Villawood Immigration detention centre.

Villawood Immigration detention centre.

In 2010, we identified the lack of arts and wellbeing programs for asylum seekers under detention, hence we took the initiative to engage artists and wellbeing facilitators from the community to develop and implement a series of workshops and performances for people under detention. The program was successfully implemented for over 3 years in despite of constant change of management. We are currently implementing our programs to refugees outside detention.

_Senior Yoga

Music, dance, & art workshops for kids and teens with special needs

“It’s not the life that matters, it’s the courage that you bring to it.” Yogi Bhajan”

We inspire hope promote compassion, resilience and contribute to health and well being of kids and teens with disability by providing the healing and creative power of music, dance and yoga through weekly classes and workshops. Partnering with Waverley Council and Eastern Respite & Recreation Centre to ensure co-ordinated service delivery and funding.

The project also provides artists, musicians and dancers with an opportunity to earn an income through providing their talent and art to the kids & teens, giving priority to culturally and linguistically diverse artists. The project also recognises the healing power of arts and the value of using arts as an important bridge to social cohesion.

_Private classes Color

Transforming the lives of the elderly and building community harmony through the power of music, dance and story telling

“Transforming the lives of the elderly and building community harmony through the power of music and dance” project contributes to the mental, physical health and well-being, fosters community engagement, builds community harmony and social cohesion of at risk elders in Sydney suffering Alzheimer, Dementia and Depression, who are marginalised due to their socio-economic background, location, language and skills by the provision of music, dance visual arts classes/workshops and cultural diverse performances.

Partnering with not for profits to enable at risk elders to engage more constructively in cultural activities and to ensure co-ordinated service delivery to these communities.

“This is the first time after my accident that I can sing again, my soul is dancing with happiness. Thank you so much for bringing this to us, I used to sing, your performance made me travel to my beautiful home country”. Julia tragically lost her husband and one of her legs in a car accident.

_Sandra Flamenco


Children with refugee background workshop at Bankstown Community Centre

I am here, I am living, is a statement that is the basis of building a concept of home, where the children take every little thing from their surrounding environment. The proposal reflects the exploration of themes around the idea of home, cultural displacement and the perception of our surroundings. Ultimately, how one constructs a memory of the space they can call home.

_Sandra Flamenco


“We inspire artists and people to bloom and seek out ways of encouraging, compassion, creativity and love.

In our first CompassionART event for Haiyan victims in the Philippines, we managed not only to raise $3,342.15 to go towards two nominated organizations, we also managed to use music, dance, poetry, and visual art to start harvesting the fruits of human compassion, a sense to be part of a movement to create more conscious humans whose purpose is to make a more conscious and creative world.

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Aboriginal and culturally diverse music, dance, story telling and visual arts workshops and performance

Collaboration with First Nations Peoples artists, musicians, dancers and story tellers to run unique workshops and performances where indigenous songs, dances, stories and traditional world music are united. Through these workshops and performances we are committed to open a space for First Nations Peoples’  arts and culture to be promoted, recognised and preserved

_Sandra Flamenco

The New Beginnings: Refugee Arts & Culture Festival – Guwing Bayabuba workshop.

The New Beginnings: Refugee Arts & Culture Festival 2016 invited people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and celebrate the talents, skills and cultural diversity of artists from refugee backgrounds..

Heartdancers opened the festival with an aboriginal workshop called Guwing Bayabuba. Sacred Aboriginal songs and stories and traditional Hazara music from Afghanistan and South America were united with the movements of dance and kalari to take participants on a transformative and powerful journey.

Binowee, a proud Aboriginal musician and storyteller led the workshop with her powerful song and strong spirit.

_Sandra Flamenco

As part of this workshop, children collaborated with artist Carlos Agamez to create an art installation, ‘Weaving my space’, inspired by the Heartdancers’ live music, and Aboriginal dance and stories.