Our service fee includes payment of the music and dance instructors and visual artists. Included in our fee is a component that we allocate to fund our projects with disadvantaged communities.

Disadvantaged communities do not pay directly for our services. These services are funded through donation, membership, government grants and payment by service providers.

_guwing bayabuba


Aboriginal songs, stories, language and the healing viola will be united with Aboriginal and world dance to connect children/teens more deeply with their inner self, and develop an intimate relationship with the natural world that surrounds them. through the healing power of the arts we promote greater understanding of aboriginal and torres strait islander ways of knowing and being.
Our workshops bring that marvelous inner light that all children/teens have to the surface.
★aboriginal musician storyteller & dancer, Binowee Bayles★classical musician (violist), Carolina Cuenca
★yoga teacher, dancer and sound healer, Sandra Morales

20% of the workshop’s fee goes towards our disadvantaged communities programs, you have the opportunity to choose which one of our programs you would like to support



Heartdancers has perceived the need for Mindful Leadership in the corporate world. Mindful leadership can be attained by fostering the four qualities obtained by practicing yoga and sound healing: self-awareness, authenticity, resilience and compassion. Through these teachings, teams will grow in their ability to truly inspire, innovate and awaken the best in themselves and others.
Not only do our classes bring benefits to your staff, but our corporate yoga classes, private classes and workshops help to fund and sustain the workshops we bring to underprivileged communities. We invite you to be part of this social responsibility initiative: as our mission is to bring music, dance and yoga to those most in need.
Sandra has drawn on her understanding of the corporate world through her 10 years working for a multinational company. During this time she implemented yoga, meditation and sound healing workshops to her team. Sandra witnessed inspiring results and could see her team develop into a more health-conscious workforce, with higher productivity and retention.

We are fully qualified and insured; classes are tailored so they are appropriate for the office environment.

_Senior Yoga


“Growing old is a phase of changing gears into a different mode of life that offers new possibilities and challenges”
We look at ageing as a manifestation of wonderful qualities. Ageing is the growing ascendance of, among other qualities, refinement, clarity, and subtlety in awareness. From this perspective elders become a group to be valued instead of a group that is merely a burden that is to be sidelined and disregarded.
The arts allow us to get past a vision of ageing as merely a time of decline and loss, and instead allows us to see ageing as a change of state that provides opportunities as well as challenges. We have creatively adapted and even transformed gentle dance in order to share with our elders the physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits that dance provides.
It is a 75 minutes class that incorporates live music and dance. We integrate multi-disciplinary arts to facilitate the healing process of the mind, body and soul. This program has been designed especially for senior people. The regularly practice of dance and music make people feel good. And when people feel good, they tend to have a better attitude towards life and be healthier and happier.