Paper Orchestra

‘music is the language of the heart’

Symphony Seeds Paper Orchestra is fun, interactive and educational, especially designed for children 5-6 years and their parents / carers. Paper Orchestra is play based learning, including crafts (instruments making), and plenty of musical activities.

Research shows that music as an essential part of children education improves thinking, reasoning, creativity and accelerates learning. A quality music program can help to nurture children’s self esteem, self control and self expression. Along with creating their own instruments using recycle materials, children also share the beginnings of early music reading, early music concepts ie beat, rhythm pitch, connecting children families and communities, learning how to hold the instrument and the basic of orchestra performance, this program enhances co-ordination and motor skills, improves imagination, memory, communication, social and language skills. A structured and flexible music program can extend children’s focus, concentration and their ability to learn and create their own instrument. This program will be run on Fridays after school at Uniting Harris Community centre.