Main Stage
2:20pm – 2:50pm


With the music from her family serving as both a soundtrack and inspiration throughout her childhood, Sydney based musician, Evie J Willie, knew early on the importance of being empowered, empowering others and how music could help deliver on that vision. Born in Toowoomba, QLD, Evie started penning songs and playing a guitar from her early teen years. Drawing lyrical inspiration from her everyday life, Evie’s eclectic acoustic sound is an assortment of roots, reggae, blues, and soul. This, and more, is resonated in her debut EP Lady Soldier, which was recorded with her five-piece band and produced by her friend, Phil Rigger. As well as embracing motherhood and forging her career as a musician, Evie does casual work conducting songwriting workshops with Aboriginal students at Weave Youth & Community Services, yet she still finds time for her passion.