Main Stage
3:10pm – 3:45pm


In 2015, Patricio visited the lost city of Teyuna in Colombia searching for new inspirations. It was through this search that Teyuna Collective originated. Teyuna collective is a band of roving musicians from around the globe, and South America, which is the ancestral background of its founder and musical director, Patricio Lara. Teyuna Collective is a movement where musicians from all backgrounds aspire to leave their legacy in resonance with the needs and flows of a musical world culture which is in thirst of re uniting with mother earth’s roots. “Teyuna”, is a term used by the Kogi indigenous people from Colombia to describe their lost city. In their culture it means “ the origin of the people from the earth “ as spoken in their legends. Welcome to the sound of nature, in harmony with the music which carries ancestry from all kinds beyond boundaries, a modern mixture of sounds and art which will take you on a journey throughout the world. Patricio Lara, founder/director of the Teyuna Collective musical project, is a traveller, and his music aims to connect people with his homeland and its roots.