Randwick Community Dance Class - Rhythm Is Life!

Join our weekly community dance class and experience a world of rhythm at your feet!

In partnership with Randwick City Council, Heartdancers is delivering a unique and special experience for those looking to dance, learn, share and connect in 2021. We are bringing our Rhythm Is Life program to Malabar Memorial Hall every Wednesday from January 20th until June 2nd from 5-6pm, where you will experience a whole world of dance across 5 months!

Every 4 weeks we will explore a different kind of dance, music, rhythm and storytelling as led by our team of experienced dance facilitators and artists from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds, including First Nations, Africa, Latin America, India and the Middle East.

Classes are specifically designed for people aged 50 and over. They will include easy to follow movements and offer a safe and inclusive space for creative expression, social interaction and cultural exchange, fostering a feeling of belonging, mutual support and exchange.

People from diverse cultural backgrounds will be brought together to co-create positive shared experiences, share stories, learn about each other and celebrate diversity through the joy and healing power of dance.

Classes are free for the community thanks to Randwick City Council. Please note there are limited spots available due to COVID social distancing protocols. Our classes will follow all relevant COVID social distancing and safety procedures to ensure your safety and wellbeing.

Learn more about the wellspring of physical, mental, emotional and social benefits that dance has to offer!

Sign Up For Our Weekly Classes in 2021

  • What? Traverse a whole world of dance in a safe and inclusive space that celebrates the cultural diversity of our community and welcomes participants of all levels of mobility and dance experience. Each 4 weeks we will focus on a different style of music, dance and cultural storytelling from our team of experienced dance facilitators and artists.
    When? Every Wednesday from 5-6pm. From January 20th until June 2nd. (This is a 5 month program)
    Where? Malabar Memorial Hall
    How do I sign up? Classes are provided free to the community thanks to Randwick City Council. To book a class email [email protected]. Please note that due to current COVID restrictions, there is a limited number of places available in each class.
  • [email protected]

My brain has changed, I'm more optimistic, and have had very happy moments here. It reminds me of my youth when I was dancing rock and roll. I feel very happy to have met you and to come here to dance. And honestly I'd recommend it to anyone. I think these workshops are a brilliant idea, so that people can come and express their energy.


This is a wonderful class in terms of building community, with all different cultures coming to this class, and we get to know each other...I have a lot of fun...I think it adds immense value to our community and to each person individually.


I’m so enjoying this class. It helps with my health, moving, working my body and my mind. The community here is very helpful for me. It encourages us to be strong. I can come and see many friends. Thank you very much, so helpful.


I am 65 years old and live alone so as well as the very important aspect of improving physical health and challenging my memory to follow the dance steps, it also provides valuable social contact for me; I believe this session is very beneficial to myself and all those who attend.