Symphony Seeds 0-3 years - Heartdancers

Symphony Seeds 0-3 years

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Teacher: Carolina Cuenca Cardozo
Location: Uniting Harris Community Centre, 97 Quarry Street Ultimo, NSW 2007
Time: 10:00 am to 10:35 am

Class Description

Your child’s musical development will be encouraged through listening, singing, moving and playing a variety of age-appropriate instruments, such as bells, drums and xylophones. They will learn to sing using the names of the musical notes. They will be introduced to a variety of musical styles such as nursery rhymes, children’s songs, classical, folk music, Spanish South American and Indian songs. Through interaction, the children will listen to and participate in live musical performances to encourage their awareness of basic concepts such as tempo (fast/slow), pitch (high/low) and dynamics (soft/loud). Through play, children will participate in music games to explore the variety of rhythms and sounds used and learn to keep the beat. They will begin to recognize musical symbols by sight and to sing the C major scale. This will help develop confidence in performing in groups and individually, and also promotes sharing, self-regulation, and self-control. They will begin to interpret moods in music and reflect this in their choice of movement to music.
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