Symphony Seeds Music Program 3-5 Years: Heartdancers Charity

Symphony Seeds 3-5

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Teacher: Carolina Cuenca Cardozo
Location: Uniting Harris Community Centre, 97 Quarry Street Ultimo, NSW 2007
Time: 10:35 am to 11:05am
Class Description: The children will be taken through a range of activities designed to encourage a love of music and to develop their cognitive skills, including a variety of musical styles such as children’s songs, a range of classical, world music and folk music. The children will have the opportunity to play a variety of percussion instruments, learn to play the xylophone and perform simple tunes, reading the notes by themselves. The children will also have an introduction to play the violin if they are interested* with the aim to start their learning and preparation for being part of our orchestra.
*Private Violin Lessons available for Symphony Seeds 3-5.
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