Symphony Seeds TERM 4 2022 - FACE TO FACE

We’re happy to let you know that we have opened our enrolment for Symphony Seeds Early Childhood Music Term 4 2022.

We’re currently enrolling and looking forward to seeing you there!


About Symphony Seeds

Did you know? Infants and toddlers experience learning music as a second language following the same natural processes as learning to speak their mother tongue!

This is why our Symphony Seeds music program for Infants and Toddlers (0-3 Years and 3-5 Years) is based on a holistic approach to teaching music which supports the natural ability of each child. Just like learning to speak!.

Music has a unique influence on the development and function of a child’s brain. When children listen to music their brain automatically engages with the different acoustic frequencies, resulting in the release of neurochemicals that have the capacity to alter their emotions and mood. In addition, when they participate in musical activities, this triggers the audio, sensorimotor, and visual regions of the brain, boosting the development of neuronal connections between all areas of the brain which are fundamental in the information processing, and in the creation of an optimal state for learning. As a consequence, music stimulation is key for opening the world of knowledge at early stages of life.
These are the seeds that will grow to become part of our Community’s Children’s Orchestra.

Symphony Seeds is an interactive program

Symphony Seeds is an interactive program filled with live music through musical play, instrument engagement and musical games.

This addresses important aspects of childhood development, such as:
  • • Social Skills (Waiting and Taking turns, Sharing, Tolerance)
  • • Language and Creative Thinking
  • • Auditory Skills
  • • Fine and Gross Motor Skills leading to Increased Co-ordination
  • • Emotional Awareness and Self-Expression
  • • Increasing Memory
  • • Growth in Self-Confidence
  • • Pre-Literacy and Pre-Numeracy Skills