Heartdancers – Arts Culture Diversity and Community

"Harnessing the power of arts and culture as a sustainable model for human, economical and social development."

Culturally Diverse Arts Education

Heartdancers Charity is based in Sydney, on the Gadigal and Bidjigal lands and waters of the Eora nation.

We work with a broad range of Schools, Communities, Councils and Organisations across Sydney to deliver accessible and inclusive Arts and Culture programs, workshops and events that celebrate the diversity of our community and cultivate connection, belonging, respect and unity to contribute to Australia's reconciliation.

We welcome you to walk with us on an uplifting and exciting journey of personal and collective healing through cross-cultural dialogue, education and empowerment through the arts.


We create platforms for First Nations, Refugee, Asylum Seeker and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Artists to thrive

Since 2010, Heartdancers has provided Employment and Engagement Opportunities to 65 First Nations, Refugee, Asylum Seeker and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Artists and Cultural Educators, delivering 230+ Art-based Programs and Events to over 3,000 people across Sydney. By creating a platform for artists and educators to share their cultural traditions and knowledges, we aim to amplify their voices and impact, create meaningful opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue and foster empathy, respect and celebration within our community at every level.

We recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as having the oldest continuing cultures in the world and we are committed to empowering First Nations artists and storytellers in our community to connect, share and thrive.

We harness the power of Arts and Culture as a sustainable model for human, economic and social development.


We deliver accessible and inclusive Arts & Culture programs

We're on a mission to make art, dance, music and cultural education accessible for all ages, stages, levels of mobility and walks of life. We believe that everyone should have access to the life-affirming health and wellbeing benefits of the creative arts, dance, music and cultural education. Our goal is to provide safe and inclusive spaces that foster a sense of belonging, connection and - of course - fun!

There really is no substitute for personal experience. We welcome to take part in our programs and events and feel the enlivening and positive effects of movement, creativity and connection. See our Events Calendar for upcoming events both online and in-person.
All in-person programs and events run by Heartdancers follow strict COVID safety guidelines and protocols for the safety of our community.

Discover A World Of Rhythm At Your Feet

Are you a dance beginner or a seasoned movement master? No matter your level of experience or mobility, we welcome you to join our Rhythm Is Life dance program where you can learn some new steps that are sure to improve your confidence, health and happiness! Online classes are live-streamed every Wednesday morning via Zoom with one of our talented Cultural Educators and Dance Facilitators.

We are offering affordable class passes ($10.30 per class for Seniors Card, Centrelink and Health Care Concessions & Student Card Holders!)) and the FIRST TWO CLASSES of 2021 ARE FREE! So you can try it out first on Jan 27th and Feb 3rd.

Register for our Online Classes Here

Learn at your own pace and connect with people in an encouraging and inclusive class. Every 4-6 weeks we introduce a new style of dance from around the world: Latin Rhythms, Flamenco, Cumbia, Indian Classical Dance, Bollywood, Indian Folk Dance, African Rhythms, Disco, Hip-Hop, Contemporary Dance & More!

Designed to help you and your loved ones combat social isolation, improve your overall wellbeing and connect with participants from around the world!

Register for our FREE weekly in-person dance classes at Malabar Community Hall for Seniors, in partnership with Randwick City Council. Weekly Classes are running from January - June 2021 and we require registration as numbers are limited due to COVID social distancing requirements.

Join our Youth Music Education Programs

Our Youth Music Education Programs aim to enrich the lives of youth through affordable and inclusive music lessons in a nurturing environment. Our Symphony Seeds, Paper Orchestra and Community Orchestra programs are inspired by El Sistema, the thriving Venezuelan Youth Orchestra Program, led by one of its former students and Orchestra Director, Maestro Gabriel Newman.

Its founding principles include a team-based approach to collective, cooperative education, characterised by trust, discipline, empathy, commitment, structure and support for self-esteem. Learn more about our Youth Music Education Programs and the 'El Sistema' Methodology that empowers children everywhere by using music education as a vehicle for social change.

Bring Cultural Education To Your School, Community or Organisation

Partner with us and engage our Cultural Educators to deliver tailored programs for your School, Retirement Village, Community Centre or Organisation. Together, we can create a positive transformation in the way we feel as individuals and as a collective through the power of Arts, Culture, Storytelling and Education. Let's create an outcomes-based program or event that will improve social cohesion, belonging, empathy, compassion, creativity, health and personal wellbeing.


Become a Heartdancer

What is a Heartdancer - and how do you become one?

We define a Heartdancer as anyone who is willing to get in touch with the power of their creative expression, walk with compassion and respect for all life and learn more about the incredible people, places and cultures around them for individual and collective growth.

We invite you change the world with us - one (dance) step at a time! If you would like to support our organisation and make a donation to help us deliver our programs and events, we accept your contribution with gratitude and we hope you will spread the message of Heartdancers with your loved ones and community.