Rhythm Is Life, Specially designed for Seniors

A World of Rhythm at your Feet!

Dance really is for every BODY.

At Heartdancers, we believe that everyone should have access to the life-changing health benefits of dance and movement therapy. We provide weekly live-streamed dance classes and tailored dance therapy programs to support a diverse range of peoples and organisations. Our classes are run by Culturally and Linguistically Diverse dance facilitators to provide a safe, nurturing and inclusive space to learn, play, connect and support the wellbeing of everyone in our community. Every 4-6 Weeks, we explore a new style of dance with our diverse team of dance facilitators, such as: Latin Rhythms, Flamenco, Cumbia, Indian Classical Dance, Bollywood, Indian Folk Dance, African Rhythms, Disco, Hip-Hop and Contemporary Dance! We welcome you to join us and support our vision!

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Classes are live-streamed every Wednesday from 11:15am-12:15am AEST. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, limited face-to-face spots are available at the Harris Community Centre, so please email Janina ([email protected]) to confirm your spot and register to attend class in-person.
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Click here for information about our free weekly classes for Seniors at Malabar Community Hall in partnership with Randwick City Council

We provide a safe and caring environment for people to:

  • + Be Creative and Move In New Ways
  • + Connect with Mind, Body and Emotions
  • + Relax and Be Themselves
  • + Be Encouraged, Motivated and Inspired
  • + Learn, Smile and Laugh Together!
  • + Be Seen, Heard and Valued
  • + Develop Understanding and Appreciation for Cultural Differences
  • + Discover Dance and Music from around the World
  • + Improve Coordination, Memory, Physical Strength & Mental Health
  • + Create Shared Positive Experiences
  • + Build Community and Combat Isolation

Tailored Dance & Movement Therapy Programs

Rhythm Is Life is a customisable and inclusive program transforming lives through the power of dance.

As well as providing a weekly community dance therapy class, we work with aged care organisations, retirement villages, disability service providers, special needs organisations, mental health clinics, community centres, in-home care and respite services. Our Rhythm Is Life program can be tailored to suit the unique context, needs and preferences of your organisation or community group - including online, face-to-face classes or hybrid formats. The cultural component of our Rhythm Is Life program provides its participants with a unique and inclusive opportunity to learn and experience cultural and traditional dances from around the world. This is part of Heartdancers' vision to foster social cohesion, inclusion, respect, understanding and celebration of the cultural diversity of the Australian community.
Read more about the wellspring of physical, mental, emotional and social benefits that dance has to offer!
Please note: This footage was taken prior to COVID-19. All Rhythm Is Life classes and programs have been adjusted to fulfil the COVID Safety requirements. Contact us for further details.

Bring Rhythm Is Life To Your Organisation Or Local Community Centre

  • Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and your vision for engaging with our team of experienced dance facilitators. Together, we can create a program that is tailored to meet the health and wellbeing objectives of your organisation or community group. Interested in bringing Rhythm Is Life to your local community centre? We would love to hear from you also.
  • [email protected]

There Are Many Ways To Support Our Vision


Give The Gift Of Dance by covering the cost of a class (or as many classes as you like!) and support someone in our community to access a quality, caring environment to explore movement therapy and combat social isolation.

Support Our Dance Facilitators When you donate to our Rhythm Is Life program, you are supporting a team of culturally and linguistically diverse facilitators to deliver dance movement therapy to a culturally diverse group of participants from within the Australian community and people joining our live-streamed class in locations across the globe. Absolutely everyone is welcome to join us! This program nurtures Heartdancers' mission to provide a platform for meaningful cultural dialogue, social cohesion, inclusion and celebration of our different cultures, languages, stories, knowledges, dances, traditions, songs and experiences.

Your support means the world to us!


Sign Up for our weekly, by-donation community dance class. Classes are live-streamed every Wednesday from 11:15am-12:15am AEST from the Uniting Harris Community Centre in Ultimo where we are practising social distancing and COVID Safety protocols. There are up to 20 places available if you would like to join us in-person!
Every 4-6 Weeks, we explore a new style of dance with our diverse team of dance facilitators, such as: Latin Rhythms, Flamenco, Cumbia, Indian Classical Dance, Bollywood, Indian Folk Dance, African Rhythms, Disco, Hip-Hop and Contemporary Dance! Our classes are suitable for people of all ages and all levels of mobility. Each session begins seated with some slow and gentle warm-up exercises and everyone is encouraged to practice the steps at a comfortable pace and to the best of their ability - no judgement here! Just community-building, hip-shaking, stress-busting fun to be found! To register, please email Janina at [email protected]

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Another great way to support us is to let your friends, family and community know about Rhythm Is Life classes. Follow Heartdancers on social media and share our events and programs with people in your network. We can tailor our Rhythm Is Life classes to meet the unique needs of your community group or wellbeing program. We appreciate the love and support of our community and we couldn't do it without you!


My brain has changed, I'm more optimistic, and have had very happy moments here. It reminds me of my youth when I was dancing rock and roll. I feel very happy to have met you and to come here to dance. And honestly I'd recommend it to anyone. I think these workshops are a brilliant idea, so that people can come and express their energy.


I am 65 years old and live alone so as well as the very important aspect of improving physical health and challenging my memory to follow the dance steps, it also provides valuable social contact for me; I believe this session is very beneficial to myself and all those who attend.


I look forward to your sessions, all encompassing (stretch-outreach-dance-mingle), friendly, and inviting. I am enjoying this opportunity to chat with others and bond with our common and diverse interests.


This class is the highlight of my week!


Rhythm is Life 2
This is a wonderful class in terms of building community, with all different cultures coming to this class, and we get to know each other...I have a lot of fun...I think it adds immense value to our community and to each person individually.


I’m so enjoying this class. It helps with my health, moving, working my body and my mind. The community here is very helpful for me. It encourages us to be strong. I can come and see many friends. Thank you very much, so helpful.


The class is quite special. I live 1 hour away from here […] I get up early in the morning and get here. Yesterday I was doing mowing. I got really tired. But I’m extremely happy [I’m here]. The instructors are full of energy. For other people I tell you ‘don’t miss the opportunity to come and join us here and connect with each other. I’m very glad to have met so many friends here. Everyone in this class is encouraged with so much love, which means so much for each one of us. Come and join the jolly crowd. It’s amazing the things we can do with our feet, legs and arms that we never do otherwise. My fingers start clinking because I never use these movements. It’s marvellous!


I’m really enjoying this class. [We learn] different styles of dance. I think I’m hopeless in terms of following choreography but I’m really enjoying this class, I’d love to continue having this kind of classes. I always loved to dance and it’s good to make new friends and meet people, they are lovely.


About our Rhythm Is Life Team

Janina Murta

Rhythm is Life Program Director and Facilitator

Born and bred in Mozambique, of Portuguese background, Janina moved to Australia in 2007. A dance activist, Janina is passionate about demystifying dance and is dedicated to making its health and wellbeing benefits accessible to all. She is a trained therapeutic dance facilitator, and is the co-founder of Heartdancers’ Rhythm Is Life program, aimed at transforming lives through the power of dance, rhythm, music and creativity. She is also currently training to become a yoga therapist. Read Janina's full bio here.

Lei Chen

Program Manager: Rhythm Is Life

Lei is motivated by making positive impact to the health and wellbeing of members of our culturally rich and diverse society. Lei is the co-founder of Heartdancers’ Rhythm of Life program, aimed at transforming the lives of older people through the power of dance, rhythm, music, and creativity. Lei uses his design thinking and empathetic observation / listening skills in the program development, and his project management skills in stakeholders engagement, project planning and delivery. See Lei's full bio here.

Deepa Kartik

Rhythm is Life Program Support Officer, Facilitator and Cultural Educator

Deepa, a passionate Bharatanatyam dancer and Nrityanjali Title awardee hails from Coimbatore, considered one of the traditional roots of India. She has always identified the art of dance as her companion, healer, and stress-buster. She has also explored the varied art forms including Odissi, Kathak, Salsa, Hip-hop, Zumba, Freestyle dance, Semi-classical Contemporary, body awareness Yoga and different folk dances of India. She has experienced the therapeutic nature of this gifted art form firsthand. Her love for art and the therapeutic effect of dance drew her close to know more about Heartdancers' ‘Rhythm Is Life’ program. Read Deepa's full bio here.

Sandra Morales

Facilitator and Cultural Educator

Sandra is a passionate yoga and dance teacher, culturally diverse arts manager, community engagement and cultural leader. She has developed and managed a wide range of arts, culture and community programs and initiatives in Australia, designing employment opportunities and engagement to over 65 First Nations, refugee and CALD artists and cultural educators. She is a successful cross-cultural leader with a strong background in strategic management, finance, human resources and governance. Read Sandra's full bio here.

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